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Akasha Travel Partners is not simply a technology and operational consulting firm, we are your teammates in managing, growing, and optimizing your travel business. We look outside the box and align with what makes sense for your size and plan. Our customizable set of products and services are meant to be tailored to your organization's goals and needs within account services, operations, marketing, data, and technology. 

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Technology Portfolio

 With as many years' experience as we have in both corporate and leisure travel, it would be difficult to find a travel-related technology that we have not met, worked with, or worked for.  We know that not all technologies are right for an organization, but all organizations must use technology to manage and deliver their business. Our team will analyze and redesign both business and advisor-facing technologies so you have the most valuable and cost-effective programs.

Our Technology Portfolio

        • INTEGRATIONS: recommend and implement excellent business partners to economize your business technology cost.
        • BOOKING PLATFORMS: we work with all GDS systems and online booking tools to optimize how they interact with your business, accounting processes, and how they deliver data for your analytics programs.
        • AGENCY SOLUTIONS: we have solutions for all aspects of your business, including: e-doc signatures, help desk software, and campaigns.
        • DEVELOPMENT: our team can create staff and advisor portals, custom data cleaning processes, websites, apps to run internal functions, and more!

Economize your business technology costs with recommended integrations:

Process Map

What is Business Process Mapping?

Business Process Mapping is a visual tool that describes the flow of work. It shows who and what is involved in a process, and it can be used in any organization to reveal areas where a process should be improved. Our team will personally get to know your organization so we can properly business process map your entire organization. We'll review your:

        • DATA: where it sits, who touches it, how it is (or isn't) being used, and what's missing to help you make the best decisions for the future health of your organization.
        • COMMUNICATION: how your departments interact with each other, your supplier partners, and with your clients. We'll help fill in the gaps to enhance your infrastructure and performance. 
        • AUTOMATION: what auto processes you currently have in place and your utilization of software to ensure you're optimizing products and reducing manual processes effectively.

Supplier Commissions Business Process Map example

Data Analytics

We design data centers for large and small organizations that include secure data storage, custom reporting, predictive analytics, and more. Our team will review your current data architecture and capabilities so you have everything at your fingertips to run your business (and help your advisors grow theirs!). 

Customized Data Analytics Center

Your new customized analytics center will show you recommended reporting, dashboards to monitor performance daily, and a secure infrastructure to manage it. Below is a sample analytics dashboard to give you an idea of what we can create with your data, including: 

        • PROFITS: increase your wallet share with existing customers and discover ways to target new customers
        • TRENDS: display which travel markets, suppliers, and products are trending, plus what markets will be hot and when
        • TRANSPARENCY: create performance transparency with your supplier partners so you can increase your revenue together

Change Management

What is Change Management? 

For changes to be successful, we must prepare, equip, and support individuals moving through changes so they successfully adopt them. Without adoption, changes will not be successful and desired outcomes may not be achieved. 

We know the process of launching a new technology or service can be intimidating, so we're here to tailor effective change management processes based on your vision. The strategy we'll develop together will include both adoption strategies and support services, so sales remains the priority and the change is an enhancement, not a disruption.

Change Management Process
Change Management Graph
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