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Meet Heather!

Our first Canadian employee, Heather brings to Akasha a long and varied experience of application development, customer service, quality assurance, and statistical analysis. These combined experiences allow her to see all sides of the equation to help analyze, construct, test, and deliver a quality product every time. 

When Heather entered the travel industry for statistical analysis, her eyes were opened to a whole new and complex level of data that she'd never seen before. The challenge to understand every connection drove her to dig deeper and understand further than was required of her. This allowed her to better understand what was being asked for, and why, and also allowed her to offer other suggestions and solutions that clients had not previously considered.

Her enthusiasm and dedication to delivering the best product imaginable allows clients to know that she and the whole Akasha team really understand the needs, wants, and desires of every facet of the project.

Heather was raised in the blustery cold of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. When she's not working, you can find Heather in the backyard year-round playing catch with her dogs, gardening, or crocheting stuffed animals while binge-watching the latest Star Wars, Star Trek, Doctor Who, or Harry Potter series, just to name a few.

Maker of All Technology Things

Lover of All the Nerd Things

Cuddler of All the Pawed Things