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Why Choose Akasha?

We're more than just technology consultants. We aspire to be the best version of ourselves and our company, just like you. And on top of that, we understand the true complexities, struggles, pain points, relationships, and sheer beauty of the travel industry because we've all built our careers here. In other words, we understand not only what you need as an agency owner, but what the travel advisor user experience needs to be to increase productivity. We're here to make it happen. 

Let's revolutionize tourism technology, together.                                                                                                             

Meet Our Executives

Nice to "meet" you! We're a pretty fun bunch, so click on each profile to get to know us a little better!

Helen Enriquez

Helen Enriquez

President & Founder

Carla Passage

Carla Passage

Senior Vice President,

Agency Operations & Partnerships

Heather Larson

Heather Larson

Vice President, 

Data Services

April Picillo

April Picillo

Vice President,

Account Services

Missi Wilson

Missi Wilson


Marketing Strategies

What Is Akasha?

In Sanskrit, Akasha is an element that represents space and the collective knowledge of mankind that connects us all through the universe as one. 


For us, we view Akasha as providing possibilities as endless as the universe itself to our partners, while exploring all the elements the world has to offer through travel. 

Our Mission

Akasha Travel Partners is committed to providing the travel industry with top-of-the-line, effective revenue generating technology and analytics. We strive to discover the best potential in our partners, the travel industry as a whole, and ourselves, to make a true impact in the world. 

Our Values

Like the five founding members of Akasha Travel Partners, we hold our five pillar values in the highest regard:



At our core, we're all humans who are not perfect and make mistakes. We pride ourselves on being able to provide support, space, and understanding for others when they 

need it most. 



 We believe we're a better company when each of us feels our voice is heard, we're included and valued, and we trust one another with dignity and professionalism. 



The key to the growth of our success - we welcome and encourage continuous learning, pushing boundaries, and asking the hard questions to create something truly spectacular.



In everything we do, we aim for high performance, to make clear and concise choices, and persevere through the challenges that try to stand in 

our way. 



We don't want our work to be something we have to do, but something we want to do. We celebrate our successes and allow one another to explore their skills and creativity to better themselves and, in turn, our company.

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